We work both for borrowers and lenders to help them achieve their property objectives. We recognise that access to the right funds on the right terms – or the right loans – is key to that, and we understand the core requirements and challenges for each side of financing arrangements. By working for both banks and property investors, we can help to make the conversation work whichever side we are acting for, getting to successful outcomes faster and more painlessly.

We have a track record in both development and acquisition finance, from single purchases, through portfolio acquisitions to complex infrastructure, working with our Business Law team. We also advise on re-financing arrangements and provide bespoke loan and security documentation where required.

As part of our comprehensive service we are happy to introduce clients to a range of lenders and finance brokers who operate within the UK market, and with whom we have strong relationships. But we also regularly work on clients’ behalf with their own advisors and providers to achieve the required outcomes.

For investors from outside the UK, with whom we frequently work, we appreciate the challenges. We can successfully walk clients through acquiring finance and clearing funds to enable them to achieve their aspirations.

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David PraisPartner and Head of Real Estatedavid.prais@asserson.co.uk
Real Estate Client
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