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Asserson creates “an English island inside Israel” writes Globes

Israel’s leading business news publication, Globes, has published an extended profile of Asserson’s founder and senior partner, Trevor Asserson.

The article describes the personal and business journey from a one solicitor office to what is now Israel’s largest foreign law firm and a top ranked international legal provider, employing around 40 people.

Speaking about the Firm, Trevor is quoted as saying,

“Our office is a British office for all intents and purposes, only physically located in Israel. It’s like we took an entire office from England, and we put it in the Azrieli. When you enter our offices in Azrieli, it’s as if you’ve arrived in London”.  The firm represents large corporations in Israel for all their UK law work.

He describes how he first came to Israel age 33 to work at Herzog Fox & Neeman, his return to London and prestigious roles at a large international firm based there, and his return to Israel because “being a Jew in England was like being in a corner of a basement, instead of being at the centre of the Jewish world“.  His decision to set up an independent office offering high quality English law advice was a brand new idea at the time. Today it is well established and few clients question the model.

Trevor explains, “fortunately, one of my biggest clients from England decided to go with me. The client was the Czech state, which managed a half-billion euro lawsuit, … I told them that they should know that my new office is located in a strange place…They thought that there was no problem with an office located outside central London… Then I explained to them that my office was in Israel”.

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