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Asserson achieves settlement on legal training concerns

The Law Society conducted a tender process to appoint an exclusively endorsed training partner for a QLTS (Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme) preparation course in July 2017. In October 2017, QLTS School, advised by Elliot Lister at Asserson, issued a judicial review claim challenging the tender process.

The Law Society has decided to step back from what was proposed in the tender and will not proceed with any exclusive endorsement of any training partner for the supply of QLTS training.

Peter Liver, the Law Society’s Executive Director of Membership Services said that: “The Law Society continues to review its position in respect of the provision of training generally and in particular towards QLTS and SQE qualification and intends to consult in respect of its role in such training, including with QLTS School. As part of that consultation process, the Law Society will take account of the legal, policy and regulation issues raised by QLTS School. The Law Society believes that the opening and monitoring of the gateway for foreign qualified lawyers seeking admission as English solicitors is an integral feature of maintaining the status of England and Wales as the premier jurisdiction of choice in international commerce and enhancing the stellar reputation of the English legal profession around the world.”

A spokesman for QLTS School confirmed that “QLTS School is committed to continuing to play a leading role in the training of foreign lawyers for the English profession and pleased that it and other training providers can continue to offer candidates a breadth of choice and access, which would not have been possible had the Law Society not stepped back from exclusive endorsement arrangements.”