About Us

Welcome to a law practice set up for you and your needs. We look to the future and want to help you get there too. At Asserson you will find energy, agility, talent and imagination. You will find a commitment to working with you that is driven by our core values and fits with yours. You will find a Firm that is less interested in ticking boxes than in winning by thinking outside them. Asserson. Win Different.



Asserson launched in 2005 as a bold experiment in providing UK legal services from an offshore location at a time when such a possibility had not even been dreamed of. Beginning with Dispute Resolution, the Firm has grown rapidly adding Business Law, Banking, Employment and Real Estate services alongside a London based Planning and Regeneration team. Head-quartered in central London but with our largest office in the heart of Tel Aviv’s business district, we support clients around the world who are looking to do business under English law. Our locations and our approach to doing business attract both great clients and great lawyers. Once they know us they stay.


How we work – Win Different

Asserson offers you a ‘win different’ kind of legal practice. We know that precedent matters, but we also believe that there can be a different way of doing things. Throughout your experience with us you will find we have a legal mind that’s cut from a different cloth than pinstripe, one that complements world-class legal training with a rare gift for looking at each situation just a little differently.

Our lawyers demonstrate their ability to think differently in the imagination and the “get up and go” required to join us in the first place. Our people are selected not only because they excel as lawyers, but also because they share our vision to provide a truly extra-ordinary service. Through our people we offer as standard the values that define the places we choose to work: imagination, creativity, entrepreneurship.
At Asserson we can offer you a different kind of partnership.

Our senior lawyers and partners actively lead on client work. They enjoy solving your problems, negotiating on your behalf, and managing the group of people needed to deliver the right outcomes for you. That means that whether it is a big or small issue that brings you to us you can feel confident that a brain rather than just a name is doing the thinking for you.

Our lawyers are with us for the long-term. We are proud of our retention rate. So you can look forward to an extended relationship with a group of people who will get to know you and your business and share in your aspirations. We make sure that the teams we create can not only do the job, but also work the way you need them to.


Value – Asserson Style

Our entrepreneurial spirit and creativity extends to the way we run our business. Our model allows us to provide more partner access from beginning to end and to maintain fair pricing throughout the relationship.

We pride ourselves on thinking imaginatively, and that includes the ways in which we charge. You will find that we have a clear and straightforward approach to charging, but we will work flexibly to meet individual needs. We have experience in a range of different mechanisms to fund the services we provide and are happy to share these with you.

Asserson by Numbers

About Us
3 continents across which we practice and have offices

English law is truly global, and of course we offer US legal services too. Our client assignments stretch across 5 continents – we are waiting still for our first instructions from the Arctic and Antarctic.

About Us
19,200 tea bags used per year

Whatever the location, tea is the cup of choice in our offices. We are less fussy about the brand, but cater for any taste from insipid to builder’s strength.

About Us
10 languages spoken fluently around the office

Our team reflects the diversity of our client base: English (American & UK), French, Russian, Mandarin, Danish, German, Spanish and Hebrew.

Our clients

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