Case Studies

Our Track Record

Day in day out we focus on working to help our clients succeed in what they want to do. But as lawyers, we want you to look at the evidence and not just take us on trust. If you want to get under the skin of how we work, and examine whether we really are what we say, explore some of our more recent cases.

Fighting for the Rights of the Dead
An intervention to prevent an invasive autopsy delivered long term guarantees for the rights of religious minorities.
Major Regeneration Projects at Old Oak Common
Tall towers planned for Old Oak Common as Asserson Planning drives London regeneration.
Challenging the UK’s National Crime Agency
The UK’s National Crime Agency was defeated in the Supreme Court and forced into a humiliating climb down when our team became involved in...
Planning Appeal in Westminster
A decision against residential conversion is overturned after our Planning team gets involved.
Keeping a Well-Known Restaurant Franchise Out of Court
Timely intervention and mediation kept a restaurant business going and helped it to grow.
Arbitrating for a Global Mining Company
Thousands of pages of documents, and interviews across four continents were converted in two months into a successful arbitration strategy for a...
Maximising Investment Value in the City of London
Smart real estate management has turned around a fringe investment property and maximised value.
Building a Bridge from the Far East to Western Markets
A strategy to create space for Chinese businesses to build a home from home in London gets the green light.
Taking on the UK Government on behalf of the Solar Industry
When the UK solar industry found the subsidies it depended on withdrawn, Asserson led the challenge to “unlawful” UK Government proposals.
Taking Madoff Claims through the UK Courts
We helped vindicate the integrity of individuals accused of dishonesty by the liquidator of Bernie Madoff’s estate.
Taking a Restaurant Chain into the UK
A restaurant chain turns to our Real Estate team for help with their first flagship European branch.
Borrowers and lenders needs satisfied
Straightforward communications successfully restructure complex loan facility debts.
Indian technology loans untangled
Asserson negotiated intensively to reconcile multiple creditors across continents.