Business Law


Business Law at Asserson is more than a label. It sums up our unique approach to working with corporate clients. We deliver the full suite of corporate legal services, but we do it while putting on our clients’ shoes and walking around in them.

The Asserson team brings together extensive in-house and private practice legal expertise. That allows us to understand what it is like being in business, and to focus on delivering solutions. We can offer all the legal know-how that’s needed, but we can also bring to bear levels of commercial understanding that are often frustratingly missing. We draw experience and inspiration from our location, where we are surrounded by more successful start-ups per square kilometre than anywhere else in the world. We breathe innovation and entrepreneurship by the day, and that helps us to offer a very different kind of service to the companies and individuals we work with.

We are able to deliver services across all areas of corporate law, all business sectors, and across borders (although our focus is on English law). We do this because we are open about how we work, and work hard to partner with clients and specialists to ensure that advice needed is available on tap and transactional work is completed to time and budget. Whether a UK business is looking for support on everyday activity, or a new hi-tech enterprise is expanding across Europe, or a global company wants to operate under English law we are able to help, and prove that time and again.

Our size also means that we choose our clients carefully, and every single one of them matters to us. We are dedicated to their success and build personal, business lifetime relationships with each and every one of them. We find the right team to fit a personality, and we keep it in place. That’s why increasingly our clients trust us not just with their game-changing deals but also ask us to oversee their legal affairs more broadly. They know that we care as much as anyone on their team. To us that’s what being a lawyer is all about.

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Howard RubensteinPartner and Head of Business

Asserson & Covid-19

In a very short space of time, the Corona Crisis has transformed life and business across the world.

Whilst we never anticipated a pandemic of this gravity, it has plunged many into uncertain and challenging times, which are set to continue long after the pandemic subsides.

But what next? How will we move forward successfully?

The Asserson Corona Legal Clinic
is committed to assisting individuals and businesses alike.

We are offering the opportunity to participate in a variety of different webinars and complimentary consultations on your specific needs.

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