Corporate Finance


Our corporate clients include hi-tech start-ups, family investment offices, established family businesses and mid-cap corporates. Transacting business in the UK and beyond, our clients implement financing structures ranging from conventional bank-led finance to growth equity solutions, as well as the myriad of hybrid alternatives inbetween.

All of our corporate lawyers have blue-chip corporate law credentials. They are trained to deliver “end-to-end” transaction solutions and their experience extends to advising on the financing aspects of transactions and corporate financing documentation. This ensures continuity of support and delivery efficiency. Our team has advised lenders and borrowers on numerous leveraged acquisitions in multiple jurisdictions.

Our unique operating model allows us to treat every client as a priority – whatever the size of the transaction.

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Howard RubensteinPartner and Head of Business
Business Law Client
A fabulous example of Legal driving the business, not holding it back… no time for issues and red-tape which slow business down without adding any measurable commensurate benefit… dealing with them is like a breath of fresh air.

Asserson & Covid-19

In a very short space of time, the Corona Crisis has transformed life and business across the world.

Whilst we never anticipated a pandemic of this gravity, it has plunged many into uncertain and challenging times, which are set to continue long after the pandemic subsides.

But what next? How will we move forward successfully?

The Asserson Corona Legal Clinic
is committed to assisting individuals and businesses alike.

We are offering the opportunity to participate in a variety of different webinars and complimentary consultations on your specific needs.

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