Our corporate team looks after businesses right through their lifecycle. We are actively involved in setting up businesses, and often in helping them expand to establish for the first time a presence in the UK with exposure to new substantial markets. We also have a strong track record in supporting business reorganisation as companies grow and become more diverse, whether that is through merger and acquisition, or other forms of restructuring, and we have experience at working through demergers and dissolutions when those are required. We can handle both the general corporate work, and the specialist interventions that can be required. So whether an unexpected competition issue rears its head, or a regulatory check is needed, or employment concerns arise, Asserson can tap into the relevant experts to ensure transactions continue to progress without a hitch.

We work with large global businesses, and small start-ups, but make sure that every client, regardless of their size, gets personal attention and service from our team. We take the view that if it matters enough for you to come to us, nothing is too small to merit our attention, and we have demonstrated in our track record to date that nothing is too large for us to deliver on behalf of our clients.

Our Transaction Readiness tool is just one example of how we routinely innovate to help clients to manage a business through change with minimal fuss. Our focus is on making life easier rather than more complex for our clients.

For further information please contact:
Howard RubensteinPartner and Head of Business