Our location at the heart of the start-up capital of the start-up nation has made work with technology-led businesses part of our daily diet. We understand the challenges for both new and established players, and can work effectively whether the requirements are general or specific to the sector.

We appreciate just how important it is to ensure that intellectual property rights are protected and exploited appropriately, whatever stage of the life cycle they may be in. We work with both creators and purchasers to ensure that they get what they need from trading arrangements, and on both sides to help them build businesses which are truly future-facing. In an area that is fast evolving, we can deliver the right agreements to help businesses grow and access the tools and markets that they need on the right terms. Because our own business seeks to break new ground, we understand what it means to try to do things that no one has attempted before and we deploy both our empathy and our sophisticated legal skills to make it happen for our clients.

For further information please contact:
Howard RubensteinManaging Partner and Head of Business