Getting the right planning decision at local level is far from guaranteed. The outcome of a planning application may be influenced by local politics. Or, because of funding limitations, the system may fail to provide the service that individuals and planning applicants expect.

The planning team at Asserson has an exceptionally high success rate at local level, and we also routinely win at appeal. We have successfully handled a number of appeal cases, determined by written representations, by hearing and by public inquiry. The team has a growing judicial and statutory review practice, and has never failed to obtain permission from the High Court to proceed to challenge.

It’s a track record of which we are (justifiably) proud, and it allows us to advise and work effectively with our clients to take their cases through the system.

We routinely challenge planning decisions, successfully seeing projects through to development. We’ve highlighted mistakes in Westminster and recently submitted an appeal against the London Legacy Development Corporation’s refusal of an application for prior approval for office to residential conversion. Reviewing the decision letter, we identified material errors made by the appeal Inspector. A section 288 High Court application to challenge the decision was submitted, and the appeal decision was quashed. The re-determined appeal was subsequently allowed, resulting in a significant win for the client.

Experience, technical skill, and deep understanding of planning decision-making all play a part, but our determination to succeed on behalf of clients is what consistently propels us forward.

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