Major Projects

Asserson’s team is at the forefront of advising clients on strategic applications. We understand how to approach the organisations that control development areas and their conditions, and to work effectively with them on behalf of clients to deliver acceptable proposals for both sides. We are frequently called on to put together teams of professional advisors required to deliver an application, and lead those teams through to successful conclusions for developers. In appropriate cases, we will utilise our specialist Planning Advisory Board, a unique law firm offer.

Through our ability to understand, work with and develop policy on behalf of clients, we are able to influence the direction of policy within a development area, and the decisions made on our applications are then used as precedents for all following applications.

We use our understanding of process and business goals to ensure that clients’ ambitions are realised, and that projects move swiftly and smoothly towards a conclusion.

It is that approach which underpins our three successful mixed use schemes at Old Oak Common, London’s most exciting current regeneration scheme, or our work at the Royal Albert Dock where we are helping to advise ABP on the exciting new development which will become London’s third business district and provide a unique trading link between Europe and Asia.

We are able to draw upon decades of involvement in some of the most complex projects in the UK, and bring to every project the determination to take ideas through to early delivery.

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