Strategy and Solutions

Difficult planning situations require creative thinking to achieve a client’s preferred solution.

We deliver on the technical work required to see an application safely through the planning process. But we also work to plan strategy for our clients and to deliver solutions to the problems that they can see looming or that others have left behind. The clients we work with recognise our role as advisors to them on the planning project as a whole, and we often work to support them in developing their proposition as well as assembling and leading the group needed to deliver it.

As an example, we were contacted by the owner of a building in Kensington which was being used as student accommodation. In order to achieve conversion of the building to residential status (which would not have been forthcoming by the Council), we recommended that the client apply for certificates of lawful use for each of the 65 student units on an individual basis. We were able to successfully argue that each unit should be considered on a standalone basis and that the correct legal classification of each was as a residential unit, notwithstanding its occupation by students.

Our advisory service allows us to add real value to clients’ businesses, to deliver outcomes rather than process, to replace highlighting problems with solutions. For us, that’s what a partnership means.

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