Team Members

Nicola Field

Nicola Field

Office Manager and PA to Trevor Asserson

Nicola joined the Asserson office team after moving from the UK to Israel, four year ago. She ensures that day to day operations at Asserson are run efficiently and smoothly, which includes managing diaries, IT, and handling anything and everything that crosses her desk.

Prior to her move, Nicola spent over ten years working at primary schools in England. Her roles included working in special educational needs and as a higher level teaching assistant, as well as teaching Jewish Studies.

Asserson & Covid-19

In a very short space of time, the Corona Crisis has transformed life and business across the world.

Whilst we never anticipated a pandemic of this gravity, it has plunged many into uncertain and challenging times, which are set to continue long after the pandemic subsides.

But what next? How will we move forward successfully?

The Asserson Corona Legal Clinic
is committed to assisting individuals and businesses alike.

We are offering the opportunity to participate in a variety of different webinars and complimentary consultations on your specific needs.

For more information or to sign up, click here.