Lawyers join us at various different points in their professional lives, and in each case we work with them to identify the right focus and relationship. We are interested in great people whenever the time is right. If you are thinking about shifting where and how you work, get in touch and we can take it from there.

We look for certain core qualities in the people who join us – but we particularly look for personal stories that are outside the City norm. We are always looking for people who strive for the highest standards of professionalism, tinged with a healthy dose of realism. We promise our clients sensible and achievable solutions and we welcome the kind of people who can help us to deliver on that promise.

If you are determined to be the very best you can; if you are the sort of person who will always go the extra kilometre; and if you are happy to learn how to be comfortable outside your comfort zone, then you will find a group of like-minded people practising English law at Asserson.

If you are interested in joining us, please explore the entry points that are relevant to you, and meet some of our people. Be in touch.


Our internship programme offers a chance to get a taste of what being an Asserson lawyer is all about. Interns travel to us from around the world and typically spend two weeks with us, working on live cases across Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Finance and Business Law. We host interns principally at our Tel Aviv offices.  Applicants need to demonstrate suitability and interest in joining us at a later point as trainees, and to submit a CV and covering letter to us.

Once a year we offer the Asserson Prize to potential interns based in the UK as part of our search for the next generation of leading lawyers.

Applications for 2024 are now open. For more information please click here.

Richard Hyman, Partner, Business Law

“After studying Economics at university, I realised there was a reason why half my family are lawyers. I wanted a commercial focus and saw that a career in law could give me that. After completing the GDL and LPC, I took a training contract in London at a large firm that could give me high quality and broad experience. I enjoyed my time in corporate and commercial areas, and that was where I spent the first three years of my life as a lawyer post-qualification.

I always planned on moving to Israel, and once I married I knew I wanted to move before my children were rooted in the UK education system. I believed that Asserson offered a way to carry on my UK legal career and to continue to enjoy good work and good clients while living in Israel with my family.

And that’s what I’ve found. I am continuing to learn a huge amount from colleagues and from the work that I’m exposed to. It is intellectually stimulating and I get immense satisfaction out of seeing the clients I work with develop their businesses as a direct result of the work we do with them.

I have far more direct interaction with clients than would have been available to me in the UK, and I also feel like I am a part of the growth of the Business Law team at Asserson. I enjoy the fact that it’s still a developing part of the business, that there’s a real opportunity to help to lead marketing activities, that I’m being challenged in all sorts of ways, and that I can play a role in shaping the future. I really welcome the range of challenges that are helping me to grow my skills as a lawyer and as a businessman.”


Asserson has been running a training programme for English trainees for more than eight years, and now takes on up to four trainees each year. We are flexible about starting points wherever possible.

The majority of trainees have done an internship at the Firm, and completed legal training (including the required post-graduate training) at one of the UK law schools. For those with other backgrounds (including those outside the UK) we can offer advice on what will be required and the most appropriate point at which to consider joining Asserson.

As well as an internship, which gives an opportunity on both sides for evaluation, would-be-trainees will be interviewed by at least two partners from the Firm. We look for a strong academic record, personal skills and qualities in keeping with our values as a Firm.

Trainees at Asserson are actively involved in client work from their first week. Over the course of their training period they typically spend time as part of the Dispute Resolution, Property and Business Law teams, with discussions prior to the end of their training period as to the department they would like to qualify into. Almost all trainees are offered places within the firm on qualification. In 2017 one of our former trainees became a partner at the Firm.

Asserson has recently introduced a new policy which will benefit future trainees.

To help ease the financial burden of a law conversion course, we are offering financial support to trainees at our firm.

We want to accommodate our trainees in the best way possible, ensuring their journey to becoming an associate is stress-free when it comes to finances.

We feel that providing the trainees with a grant towards their studies truly reflects how much we care for all of our trainees. We encourage their hard work and recognise the importance of their studies for their career development and for their future at the firm.

To start the application process, please send us your CV and a short covering letter explaining when you are interested in joining.

Rachel Shaw, Former Trainee, now Senior Associate, Business Law

“I had heard of Asserson when I was an undergraduate, and knew that they might be relevant to my plans to move to Israel. I studied politics at university, and then travelled to the office in Tel Aviv for an internship with Asserson. I saw it as an extended two week interview for me and for them – and spent most of my time working on a big case in litigation. I also got a chance to speak to other trainees who seemed to be having a good experience.

It felt like a good fit and I got positive feedback. Asserson also agreed to give me time to complete a Masters as well as the LPC before joining. I decided that the move to Israel and to Asserson was what I wanted in preference to a City firm.

I finished law school – and six weeks later I joined the team at Asserson in Tel Aviv in May 2016. I spent my first year in Dispute Resolution and in my second year, I spent six months in Property and six months in Business Law.

From day one – in contrast to the experience of many of my friends in the UK – I felt that I was treated as a grown-up. I was made to feel an integral part of the team, with real responsibility, and that was a good feeling I found myself working alongside top quality, experienced international lawyers, and being challenged by them to put my law school knowledge into day to day practice has been stimulating (if sometimes a little scary). I have felt that I am amongst a group of people who want to see me grow and succeed as a lawyer, and while there are times when I have worked hard it has always been alongside others.

I have found plenty of friends, advice and solutions to problems from my colleagues at the office. As a team in the time that I’ve been here we’ve been to a rock concert together, solved an escape room puzzle, and run in the Tel Aviv Marathon (only some of us on that last occasion). We regularly sit down together for an office lunch, to share insights into what is going on in our business and with our clients. When I first walked into work the office I really appreciated that having moved to Israel on my own I was with people like me who had made the move from the UK. It went a long way to cushion the culture shock and meant that I could focus on my traineeship properly.”

Qualified Lawyers

Asserson is always open to starting a conversation with qualified lawyers interested in joining our dynamic practice. In keeping with our ‘can do’ approach to client service, we look further afield than most law firms when recruiting the finest legal minds. Whilst focused principally on English law, we are happy to speak with good lawyers from different or unusual legal backgrounds to see if we can work together.

Our lawyers have included people qualified in Australia; Canada; Israel; New Zealand South Africa and the USA. We will support suitable candidates through re-qualifying as an English lawyer where relevant. Our experience tells us that top quality lawyers can be found everywhere; and if that describes you, please start a conversation with us.


The firm has a strong record of successfully absorbing lateral hire partners. Some come with their own practice and some with nothing more than a lap-top. When you are tired of London – or any of the other great cities around the world – come to Tel Aviv. You will find it an exciting and stimulating place, and be energised by our growing practice. With the right fit, we can make two plus two equal a whole lot more than five.

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