In the Boxing Ring with Trevor Asserson

Various sports personalities have had Trevor in their corner at pivotal moments of their career.


In the late 1990s Don King, famed for his extraordinary, 25-year dominance in the boxing industry, turned to Trevor for representation in his claim against the UK’s leading promoter, Frank Warren, who had been stealing from him. Trevor was soon leading one of the biggest cases of that year, landing knockout after knockout over 42 hearings in 18 months.   


He has also been involved in numerous cases concerning high-profile boxers, one of which was Naseem Hamed, whose featherweight boxing career was dealt a crushing blow when Trevor successfully proved that millions of pounds of his earnings were going abroad and appeared not to have been fully declared. He subsequently fought against world heavyweight Mike Tyson, dealing a body blow to a $200m claim, which never made the distance.


However, Trevor has not stuck just to boxing; his advice has been sought variously by clients such as the Football Association, premier league footballers, and Manchester United agents as well as a world champion tennis player and a professional basketball player.


Following his success with Don King, Trevor was recognised as a go-to sports litigator by a leading directory which recognised his “heavyweight reputation”. Whilst he puts up an unbeatable fight in the courtroom, his professional boxing career in the ring has yet to take off, despite masterclasses from his own client – world champion and Olympian Adrian Dodson. “I wouldn’t have entered the ring with him had I not won his case” said Asserson.

Trevor has also recently been instructed on a case facing a champion boxer.


Article Written by: Syvanne Aloni

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